This is where it will begin, my journey with Floristry.

I come from a place in the world known as “Garden City”. Very apt for a tiny island on the world map that prides itself on being clean, green and also a rich culture and heritage, among many other attributes. I come from Singapore.

From the age of 12, I’ve seen my mum work hard as a florist and thrive in her business at Singapore Changi Airport. She loves being creative and flower arrangement has been her therapy from her three rascal children. Now that we are grown up rascals, her business in flower arrangement is still her go-to therapy.

I must have picked up her DNA for creativity. I love my present job in Marketing. I work with awesome imagery and tell people about life changing experiences. I’m excited to now get creative with flowers and plants. I’m going to learn a skill and let my heart and mind be creative. This will be a pretty cool journey, allowing me to think outside the box for the next 9 months.

There is so much to learn and as I embark on my Certificate III with Pearsons School of Floristry (PSF), I’m going to diarise my journey.

Thank you for stopping by to read my Flower Tales.

Sharon Loh


My mum’s creative work of art that took first prize in Singapore Swimming Club in 2014. The club was under going renovation and instead of plain wooden partitions, the Club had a creative competition – cool idea for legal graffiti (in Singapore)!