Flower Tales

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Welcome to Flower Tales!

You are visiting a non-commercial website, set up to be a happy place to share my Journey of Floristry, Travel and anything else that inspires me.

The icon says it all! I’m on my “L” license as I begin my Certificate III in Floristry. Just me learning, diarising many tips, knowledge and anything that will help me better understand our wonderful world of flowers.

On a recent trip to Maldives, I went parasailing without a camera. While getting ready to launch from the boat, we met a family from Iran. Not only did they help take photos for us on their high quality camera, they also gave us copies of these beautiful wild poppies, taken near Mount Damavand, the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East, and the highest active volcano in Asia. Needless to say, we were stoked we had photos of us high in the sky and touched by their kind gesture.

I think flowers have a calming, happy emotion that comes with it, whether the giver or receiver of flowers, the intention is mostly meant to be good.

Behind every flower given or received is a story. I wish to chase a dream and develop my skills in floral arrangement. These are my Flower Tales.


As they say, life’s about learning and the sky’s the limit.